IMPORTANT NOTICE: please kindly keep in mind that any lace fabrics or finishing appliqués or embellishments to be used to design your order MAY be different from the one used to design the dress on display.
If the exact fabric, appliqués or finishing is no longer available, then a new suitable and uniquely equivalent one will be used to design your outfits.

Each dress is uniquely designed beautifully to be unique in its own from the available fabrics we source to design new orders.
It’s important to keep this in mind before going ahead with your order, and we urge buyers not to go ahead with their purchase if they do not approve of this.

All our dresses designs are curated and designed with love and detailed creativity by our head designer and artisans, and we assure you’ll love every bit of the outfits we’ll design for you. As creativity remains our watchword.

Happy shopping!


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